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A Better Lifestyle

Welcome to Botanic, a brand new style of apartment building unlike any that the City of Manningham has seen before. Botanic's commitment to quality includes a design by one of Melbourne's leading architects, careful engineering design development, and construction by one of the most highly respected and green credentialed builders in the eastern suburbs. The result is an impressive 7.5 star average energy rating, far beyond any other apartment building in this area. Your power and gas bills, maintenance costs and Owners Corporate fees will all reflect this careful design and engineering, leaving you free to maximise your enjoyment of all that Botanic provides. Botanic's major elements like the solid concrete walls (no cheap blueboard walls or pre-cast concrete panel joints that crack) and double glazed windows (extra heat and sound insulation) add quality and value, but it is all the little things that will make a huge difference. For example, your apartment will already be wired for connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN) as soon as it rolls out in Doncaster East. No, not just to the front of the building, all the way to every single apartment. This alone will be an huge cost saving in the future, and give investors an enduring edge in the rental market for years to come. Then there's elements like the ducted heat recovery ventilation system which is very popular in the UK and Europe but rarely seen in Australia. This high efficiency system maintains a flow of temperature adjusted, fresh clean filtered air to all major rooms, protecting you from the condensation, mildew and mould so common in many apartment buildings...even the new ones. This feature will also be of enormous benefit to the growing number of Australians who suffer from allergies to pollen and dust. In fact, it is practically impossible to list ALL of the little features that go into making Botanic so much better here. Make sure you talk to our agents who have much more information available and can help you choose which apartment suits you best.
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A Better Location

Situated a short walk from the culturally diverse cafes and restaurants of Jackson Court Shopping Centre, residents of Botanic will be ideally placed to enjoy a lifestyle that is "convenience with a capital C"! You'll find easy access to numerous bus routes, making it a breeze to travel into the City or to Box Hill's trains, trams, tertiary education or hospital precincts. For those who need to drive, the Eastern Freeway is literally just around the corner. The bike paths along the Freeway provide a safe, secure place to ride, run or walk, whilst the Municipal Gardens at Ruffey Lake make a generous open space in which to exercise or simply relax whilst watching the ducks.

A Better Design

green living
  • Exterior
    Botanic reflects the commitment to innovative design and functional creativity that has made the respected design team at Ascui Edwards Architects one of the most highly sought after architectural firms in Melbourne’s prestigious eastern suburbs. Their creative touch is expressed in the wonderful individuality of each apartment’s floorplan, ensuring that a huge variety of lifestyle choices can be accommodated. It is also brilliantly displayed in the fact that unlike so many other bland Manningham apartment buildings, Botanic has been designed so that every external façade is appealing to the eye. There is no boring “back of the building” here - no matter which side of the building you live on, you will always be able to look up and point out your own apartment with pride. As the Manningham Council's Planning Department said recently, “…an example of good design…the building is attractive and well-articulated”. Of course, there are other elements like the fact that every apartment has its own natural light, not “borrowed light” like some other Manningham apartments; that you have a full double driveway to the basement garage with plenty of space for secure guest parking; or that the entire construction uses high quality, long life materials to ensure that your investment is fully protected through decades of low maintenance; these are all just some of the differences that make Botanic a better option.
  • Interior
    Every aspect of a modern 21st century lifestyle has been considered in the design of each apartment in Botanic. Solid concrete walls between each apartment to reduce sound and heat transfer. Double glazing to every window. Clean filtered air distributed throughout every apartment. Generous storage areas and excellent outdoor living spaces. Indeed, each apartment has been designed to support a healthier lifestyle with lower costs for air conditioning, heating and utilities. Importantly, features such as rain water storage to supply water for gardens or washing your car, the solar power system that will help offset communal security lighting and passenger lift costs and the solar hot water system with gas back-up will all help to reduce your Body Corporate and utility expenses.
  • Finishes
    Just like its overall design and construction, Botanic’s internal finishes have been fully researched and carefully selected to ensure a high quality product where functionality is maximised and ongoing maintenance requirements minimised. In the kitchen you will find Miele appliances with Caesarstone benches here and in the bathroom. On the floors are 100% wool carpets, selected Earp Bros tiles and, if you prefer timber floors, you can opt for high quality environmentally sustainable timbers with a 25 year guarantee. What’s more, just to make the move easy for you, your apartment comes complete with a fully integrated refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, allowing you to make a completely fresh start in your new apartment and minimising potential damage from future tenant moves if you’re an investor. Buyers of ground floor apartments will also move in with their own private courtyard garden carefully mulched and already stocked with established plants and a fruit tree.
  • Green Living
    Creating a more harmonious relationship with the environment is far more than just "a cliche" at Botanic. The use of solar energy for communal power and highly efficient, individually metered hot water; rainwater storage for the gardens and building; not to mention the maximisation of natural light, filtered fresh air and LED and low energy fluorescent communal lighting...all factors that will help to minimise the need for external electricity supply. The fact that Botanic averages a remarkable 7.5 star energy rating, the first apartment building to achieve this rating in the Manningham area, is proof that this is a building with a genuine commitment to minimising its impact on the world around it, at the same as reducing costs for the people who live here.

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Apartments now the top choice for tenants

April 17, 2014

Some recent data from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) has provided more good news for anyone considering renting out their apartment in “Botanic”.

The latest figures from the REIV show that the median rental for 2 bedroom apartments across Melbourne has now exceeded the median rental for 3 bedroom houses. The figures for the March quarter of 2014 show that 2 bedroom apartments are now attracting a median weekly rental of $390, whilst the figure for 3 bedroom houses is $370 a week.

These figures are further confirmation of the growing popularity of the apartment lifestyle in Melbourne, which will be particularly pleasing for buyers of apartments in Botanic who are looking forward to strong capital growth in the long term.

Of course, if you are yet to secure your apartment at Botanic, we can only suggest that you act soon as there are only 8 apartments now left, and the potential to save on stamp duty will decrease as each month goes by in the construction process.

If you’d like to know more about the figures from the REIV, you can go straight to their website by CLICKING HERE...

Great news for Botanic buyers!

February 14, 2014

REIV Price data 2013

According to the latest data from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, (REIV), purchasers of apartments at "Botanic" have every reason to feel pleased with themselves. The REIV's figures show that units and apartments in Doncaster recorded the highest annual growth in median prices of any suburb in Melbourne during 2013!

The median unit price in Doncaster rose by an impressive 33.7% from the last quarter in 2012 to the last quarter in 2013.

Whilst this is very pleasing news for all those purchasers who have secured an apartment in Doncaster's most exciting new apartment building, it also represents an unmissable opportunity for a few quick buyers, as the developer is still offering a few remaining apartments at their original list price!

But with construction now well under way, time is running out for those buyers who would still like to maximise their stamp duty savings. So be sure to call this week!

Progress update

February 6, 2014


Despite time lost due to wet weather during November/December and then heat during January, work has gone on - with more than 10,000 cubic metres of soil and rock removed, we have fnally reached the bottom of the lower basement level.  The holes in the lower basement floor will take the foundations for the central columns holding the building up, and the deeper hole with the red and white tape around it is the bottom of the lift shaft, where we will be erecting the site crane in a week or two.


The good news for Botanic owners is that the mudstone we've been exacavating is very hard, providing an excellent, stable foundation for the future. Also, there has been no groundwater flowing into the excavation pit so, even though we have wall drainage in place (you can see the black drains on the last section of exposed wall in the picture above), chances are high that this will rarely be required and Botanic's basements are unlikely to experience the dampness many other apartment buildings suffer from.  


For those who appreciate "fine design"...

January 20, 2014

Fine Design Market Manningham Obviously, we may be a little biased, but we're fairly sure that anyone who has bought an apartment at "Botanic" clearly has a love for the finer points of great design. But did you know that an appreciation of fine design is something that extends to the wider community around "Botanic"?

The "Fine Design Market" is a relatively new, independent arts and design market which features locally made and designed products. The good news is that this event takes place on the 2nd Sunday of each month, just up Doncaster Road from the Botanic site at MC Square.

So next time you're driving past to watch the construction progress, why not drop into this popular market and take a look at one more of the many lifestyle benefits that the residents of "Botanic" will soon be enjoying, right on their doorstep?


Getting down and dirty.....

October 31, 2013

Botanic buyers will be pleased to see the excavators working late into the evening to carve out their new double basement....

Early next week the first of the concrete piles to reinforce the basement walls and carry the weight of the building will be drilled and poured.


Even though we're spending tens of thousands of dollars each day on building works, there's still a brief opportunity for new Botanic buyers to save up to $25,000 of stamp duty if they move quickly... and existing Botanic owners can earn a free iPad 2 or 40" LED TV by introducing someone who buys one of the last dozen remaining Botanic apartments..... so help a friend choose from the highest quality/best value apartments available in Doncaster today!!


Right place, right time

October 17, 2013

The key focus for most Botanic buyers has been to secure a high quality, environmentally responsible place to live - but this October 16, 2013 Manningham Leader article makes clear that Botanic is also highly likely to be a safe haven for their capital investment.  


It points out that Manningham is amongst Melboutrne's most profitable places to own residential real estate, calculated on the basis of the gains made by people selling homes in Manningahm over the last three months.


Whether you are looking for an attractive future home or a residential real estate investment, it's clear that Botanic is well located to help ensure your investment's value is protected and enjoys medium to long term growth.

Super news for Botanic buyers?

September 22, 2013

Here's an item from the local papers that brings even more good news for everyone who has already secured their apartment at Botanic.

It seems that the possibility of having a brand new supermarket literally right around the corner from your apartment is growing stronger. This would, of course, be an added bonus on top of what is already a wonderful array of restaurants, cafes and retail outlets at Jacksons Court.

We'll do our best to keep you updated as more news comes to hand.

Construction begins

September 20, 2013

Work commences at Botanic It may not look like an exciting picture to everyone, but for astute buyers who have already secured their apartments in Botanic, this is a great sight...confirmation that construction works have commenced and Botanic is on its way.

Approvals are now in place for drilling under Doncaster Road to construct a new sewer line.  Work has just started and is expected to take up to two weeks.  Following this, construction of the building will commence, with drilling of the piles to form the walls of the basement before excavation of this area begins.

Whilst basement construction is the part of the building program with the greatest potential to be impacted by wet weather, our hope is that good weather will see Botanic coming "out of the ground" well before Christmas.

What do tenants look for?

August 23, 2013

We came across an interesting article this week on the Property Observer website that we thought was worth sharing. It outlines the findings of a recent study of tenants' preferences on the features they look for in rental accommodation, and it confirms that that Botanic promises to be a very popular address with tenants when construction is completed.

The top 5 features for today's tenants included:

  • 1. Secure car parking;
  • 2. Space for outdoor living;
  • 3. Minimal maintenance;
  • 4. High speed internet access; and
  • 5. Energy efficiency to keep utility bills lower.
  1. Is it just us, or does that list sound familiar? If you'd like to read the whole article, just click on the Property Observer logo above.

Doncaster East among Melbourne's strongest price growth!

July 20, 2013

Here's some more great news for those astute purchasers who have already secured their apartment at "Botanic", and those who are ready to do that soon.

The Herald-Sun today has confirmed Doncaster East's place among the suburbs with the fastest growing property values in Melbourne.

As you can see in the table on the right, Doncaster East recorded a remarkable 19.2% increase in value over the past 12 months.

Be quick to beat the investors!

June 17, 2013

A recent survey of 1000 property owners by Mortgage Choice has indicated that 26% were planning on using the equity in their homes to purchase an investment property. Over half of these planned making this purchase within 2 years, whilst 83% planned to do so within 4 years.

When you consider that this increasing demand will come on top of the growing number of Australians who are buying investment properties through Self Managed Superannuation Funds, that's one more good reason to make sure you secure your preferred apartment at "Botanic" sooner rather than later!

Only 16 Apartments available!

June 1, 2013

60% SoldThat's right...with just 16 apartments left now, your opportunity to secure your favourite floorplan and position is rapidly running out, so don't leave it too late to reserve your first choice! 

Time is running out

March 9, 2013

Yes, with 50% of Botanic's stunning Architect-designed apartments now sold, and several others reserved, time is running out to choose your favourite floorplan and position.

Construction is due to commence shortly, so make sure you check out the fully fitted display suite while you still can. You call our agents today on 9840 1111 to arrange a personal inspection.

More interest rate cuts to come

January 21, 2013

In case you missed it, last week the NAB joined several other major financial institutions in advising their clients that they are expecting more cuts to official interest rates by the Reserve Bank this year.

In fact, they have forecast three separate cuts of 0.25% each by the September quarter of 2013. This comes on top of the ANZ's forecast of four separate cuts, and AMP's forecast of two cuts before the end of June.

The good news for "Botanic" buyers is that you can secure your preferred apartment now, with plenty of time to take advantage of the great interest rate deals before settlement.

If you'd like to know how you can make this work in your favour, call our agents today on 9840 1111.

Great interest rate deals available

Take advantage of huge stamp duty savings

December 29, 2012

Huge stamp duty savings

Did you know that for all settlements after the 1st of January 2013, first home buyers in Victoria now qualify for an additional reduction in stamp duty? For all first home purchases under $600,000 the discount on stamp duty increases from 20% to 30%, as long as the property is used as your own residence.

But if you want to take advantage of even BIGGER stamp duty savings, (whether you're a first home buyer or not), make sure you have a chat with our agents soon. With construction due to commence shortly, we have put together some really outstanding deals for those buyers who reserve their apartment before the digging starts!

Manningham - A vibrant community

October 5, 2012

Manningham multicultural festival

It's no wonder the Doncaster area is so popular with home buyers of all backgrounds when residents can be part of such a friendly and interesting multicultural community.

One example of this is the Manningham Multicultural Festival, which this year will be held on Saturday 17th November at beautiful Ruffey Lake Park, which is just a short walk from Botanic.

Make sure you circle the date in your calendar now!

Want to win a free iPad or TV?

September 19, 2012

Facebook offerTerms and conditions

More good news for investors

September 18, 2012

5.7% growth

In case you missed it, the recent Spring edition of the "Domain Property Review" in 'The Age' made really interesting reading.

Whilst past performance obviously does not guarantee future performance, it was very reassuring to see that UNITS IN DONCASTER EAST AVERAGED 5.7% GROWTH IN MEDIAN VALUE PER YEAR OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS.

Not only was this well above the average Melbourne house average of 4.6% per year or the Australian capital city average of 2.7% per year over the same period, but this was acheived through a period of enormous financial uncertainty across the globe and here in Australia.

It's just one more reason why "Botanic" really is better, so if you haven't reserved your preferred apartment yet, be sure to call our agents today on (03) 9840 1111.

Why we're so proud of our energy rating

September 10, 2012


Quite a number of our recent buyers have been curious about Botanic's emphasis on energy efficiency. So it was interesting to see on Domain.com.au last week that this year's "HIA GreenSmart House of the Year" was a display home with an 8-star energy rating.

Botanic, of course, averages an impressive 7.5 star rating across the entire building, rather than just one apartment!

Who knows, maybe the residents of Botanic will be celebrating living in an award winning building themselves when we get to moving day?




Great news for investors

September 8, 2012


If you saw the article in today's Property section of the Herald-Sun written by Cameron Kusher from RPData, you'll already know why Botanic represents such an outstanding opportunity for those who wish to secure their own financial future through property investment.

If you missed it, not only did RPData's latest figures comfirm that property values across Melbourne have been rising for the past 3 months in a row, but they also pointed out that Melbourne's values have averaged 4.6% growth per year over the past five years. That means that despite the global financial crisis amd all the uncertainty, Melbourne has outperformed the rest of Australia which averaged 2.7% over the same period.

When you combine these statistics with the knowledge that Botanic is going to be a better place to live, and therefore highly sought after by prospective tenants, there's a lot of good reasons to ensure that you speak to our agents today to ensure that you don't miss out!

Peace of mind for Botanic residents

September 6, 2012

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the women caught up in today's tragic apartment fire in Sydney (link below). As we mentioned here last month, incidents like this are a graphic reminder of why we went to so much trouble to protect the residents of Botanic from having to face a similar situation.

Not only does the Botanic fire safety system include automatic sprinklers in every apartment on every level of the building, but it also services the communal access areas and BOTH levels of the basement garage.


And They're Racing Away... Don't Miss Out!!!

August 31, 2012

It's just 15 short days since Botanic's display suite opened and we're already at the 30% sold mark!!!  This would be a great start at any time, but in the current market Botanic's sales performance really speaks for itself....Botanic's future residents are all saying the same things:

  • "Great value for money!" 
  • "Love the eco-friendly features!"
  • "What a beautiful building!"
  • We've even had buyers' families and friends coming back to look fo

    Safety comes first

    August 29, 2012

    Several buyers have commented recently on the effort we have made to maximise fire safety for every resident of Botanic. Not only does the fire sprinkler system protect every single apartment and the communal access areas, but it also extends to both levels of the basemnent garage.

    The link below is a graphic and unbiased explanation of why we have gone to these lengths, and just one more reason why Botanic really is better.

    Take a look at:


    Don't leave it too late!

    August 21, 2012

    20% Sold

    Yes, it's less than a week since the Display Suite at Botanic opened its doors to the public for the first time, and already more than 20% of the apartments in this ground-breaking apartment building have been sold, with several more reserved.

    Clearly we're not the only ones who have realised that Botanic really does offer a better quality lifestyle and investment. So don't leave it too late to register your interest!

    Metaffliction set to be funded!!

    August 21, 2012

    Metaffliction is just $85 away from having raised the $4500 needed  to cover the remaining costs of audio post-production, colour correction and festival entries. This enthusiastic and creative young team of local film makers and artists is extremely close to having a finished product and just needs your support to get the project over the line.  Botanic, another great local project, is a Metaffliction sponsor.  Why not go to:


    to see a Metaffliction trailer and get details of the great rewards available to donors... don't miss this exciting opportunity to sponsor local talent!!

    Get romantic at Botanic?

    August 16, 2012

    Who says there's nothing romantic about a construction site? This photo is a still from the movie "Metaffliction" that we told you about back in March, which was filmed in and around the houses that previously occupied the Botanic site.

    Clearly there was a bit of on-screen chemistry happening back then, so don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling a bit of chemistry as well when you visit the Display Suite and discover just how much better Botanic really is!Romance at Botanic

    Botanic – The video…

    August 13, 2012

    Botanic the movie

    Want to know a little more about Botanic and the amazing array of facilities right on your doorstep? A short video is now available on our facebook page or you can simply follow this link by CLICKING HERE...

    More sales this week!

    August 11, 2012

    Yes, the much anticipated Display Suite will be opening its doors to the public for the first time this Thursday, but we have already reached the 10% sold mark with several more apartments reserved by buyers who are keen to secure their own special part of Botanic. So don't leave it too late to discover the exciting list of features that has everyone talking. See you there on Thursday!

    More sales, more activity

    July 27, 2012

    More Botanic apartments sold

    If you've been waiting anxiously for the opening of the Display Suite at Botanic, the exciting news is that you will be able to get up close and personal with many of the exciting details that make this apartment building so special from Thursday 16th August.

    However, if you are keen to reserve your preferred apartment before then, you need to know that sales are being made right now and a number of apartments already have reservations on them from keen buyers, so don't leave it too late!



    A view worth capturing

    July 9, 2012

    Capturing the views at Botanic

    If you've ever wondered how we are able to capture the outlook from the penthouses and apartments on the 3rd floor, our secret is out! This is the team from open2view with their pole mounted camera. They were able to capture the outlook at the exact height of the balconies at Botanic.

    Be sure to ask your agent if you'd like to know what the view will look like before you've even moved in.



    Now selling!

    June 28, 2012

    Botanic display suite under construction

    Well, the market reaction to Botanic has certainly been a positive one. The first two sales were confirmed today with the signing of contracts, despite the Display Suite still being very much under construction!

    Site clearing works complete

    June 25, 2012

    Site clearing at BotanicIf you have been past the Botanic site in Doncaster Road recently you may have noticed that we have made good progress and the demolition of the 1950's style houses that previously occupied the site has now been completed. You will see construction of the Display Suite commencing almost immediately.

    Botanic site used as a film set!

    March 1, 2012

    Prior to demolition of the 1950's properties that previously occupied the Botanic site, a group of students living there used the houses for location shots in an experimental film. METAFFLICTION tells the story of Anton, an aspiring film director who casts himself in the lead role of his movie and subsequently struggles to differentiate between reality and the fictional world he has created. Anchored around the aftermath of a hit and run car accident, Metaffliction employs a unique multi-character narrative to examine the fine line between reality and fiction. Metaffliction was shot over 21 days between Jan and April 2012. You can see a trailer at: http://www.pozible.com/index.php/archive/index/7432/description/0/0



    The Hewcon Group are the driving force undertaking the project development, design engineering and construction phase of Botanic. Hewcon have an impeccable reputation throughout the eastern suburbs as environmentally aware builders of undoubted integrity and quality. Their efficiency and attention to detail has earned the respect of commercial clients, satisfied home owners and investors alike, having created some of the City of Manningham’s most attractive and popular apartments. Indeed, Hewcon’s Wembley Gardens building is regarded locally as one of the most tightly held buildings in the area, with strong capital growth being shown on the rare occasion that apartments or townhouses in the development become available.
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    Ascui Edwards Architects is a cutting edge architectural and interior design practice established in 1998 and widely acknowledged for the quality of their thinking and professional services they provide. They are renowned in Melbourne’s residential building industry for their ability to create innovative solutions that produce architectural excellence, pleasing to the eye and with a high level of functionality and sustainability. A high level of repeat business from satisfied clients is testament to the depth of experience and effectiveness of the design team.
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